Mechanical Overview

RocketBUSD aims to have one of the best reward systems on the BSC Network, with plans to bridge across other networks as we progress. Utilizing the synergy of RFI (Reflect Finance), our token is able to automatically distribute BUSD rewards. These rewards are based on percentage fees that occur on transactions, and are given out to all token holders depending on current trading volume and amount of tokens held.

Tokenomics Breakdown:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 Tokens

Circulating Supply Estimate: < 600,000,000,000

Burned Tokens: 400,000,000,000 +

Current Buy Tax Breakdown:

[15% Total] 4% BUSD | 4% LP | 4% Buy-Back and Burn | 2% Marketing | 1% Development

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Frictionless BUSD Rewards: (Holders automatically generate BUSD when holding tokens)

  • Anti-Whale: (Prevents any transactions over 1% of the total token supply)

  • Buy-Back Wallet: (Purchases and then sends tokens to the burn wallet)

  • Liquidity Pool Lock (1-Year): (Liquidity is currently locked in for one year)

Diminishing Sale Tax:

In order to help fund the initial stages of the project, we have implemented a diminishing sale tax that will decrease at specific intervals as we progress further from launch.

Total Percentage: [15%]

BUSD Rewards 4% | Liquidity: 4% | Buy-Back and Burn 4% | Marketing 2% | Development 1%

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