This will provide a general overview of the future endeavors, utility and use-case for Rocket Genesis. Roadmap will be updated periodically as we navigate and complete tasks for the future.

Q4 2021

Coin Market Cap + Coin Gecko Listing: Complete

Rocket Boost Reflections Event (Stage 1): Complete - Hold on to your rockets... the reflections just got that much better! Buyback wallet reflections permanently disabled to increase holder reflections.

Digital Ad Campaign: Complete - We are always looking for innovative ways to market RocketBUSD.

New Enterprise Website: Complete - The website will be in constant evolution as we move further into the project and release new content.

DAPP / Reflection Tracker: Complete - We completed a Reflection Tracker that allows you to view how many reflections you earn within a given time period.

Initial Merch Offering: Complete - Introduced our line of RocketBUSD merchandise to connect with our community and build brand awareness in the crypto ecosystem.

Onboarding Talent: Complete - We are in the process of onboarding talent - engineers, content creators, accountants, marketing consultants, core team advisory council, legal teams and more.

Entity Formation: Complete - Working with CPA’s and legal council, registered as an entity domestically in the USA as RocketBUSD, LLC.

Holiday Charity Event: Complete - We will be hosting a charity event for the holiday season in Q4.

Q1 2022

P2P/DeFi Tools Initiatives: We aim to create SaaS initiatives to better the DeFi space and bring forth new tools to improve usability and functionality of tokens, providing better visual insight and information on demand and creating an overall better user experience.

Partnerships: We aim to seek out partnerships with some of the most widely known entities in the BSC network. We will be working closely with some of the biggest names, most powerful influencers, and the best engineers to take DeFi to the next level.

Fiat On-Ramping: We are implementing a seamless way to onboard yourself onto the RocketBUSD ecosystem.

Updated Merch Offering: Our merch will be some of the most innovative to drop in the crypto space to date – with QR functionality, in addition to a multitude of innovative features that will be released as we get closer to release.

P2E Gaming Announcement: Currently our team is working on developing "Play to Earn" rewards within our game. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when implementing Play 2 Earn games in our ecosystems. We are mainly talking about re-entrancy vulnerabilities that certain scoring mechanisms would have & assuring that there is no way to `beat the system`.

Q2 2022

NFT Drop & “Diamond Hands” Rewards: Discussions of developing NFTs for our token are in the works. The NFTs will be more than simple PFP collections and will have a specific use case within the RocketBUSD ecosystem. Including special opportunities for verified ‘Diamond Hands’ to participate in VIP events!

Rocket Boost Reflections Event (Stage 2): Hold on to your rockets... the reflections just got that much better! More team wallet reflections turned off permanently.

Contract Upgrade: We’re growing! An ERC1155 standard token is both ERC20 and ERC721 compatible. The contract will be able to host NFTs and tokens from within the single contract that can be used across the ecosystem. Contract ownership will be given to a governance driven periphery contract that connects directly to the P2P DAPP.

Updated P2P DAPP: This will include more tools for the community to interact with the team & also improve usability across our DeFi ecosystem.

Exchange Listings: We will continue listing RocketBUSD on exchanges to assist with accessibility and perpetuate expansion into greater global markets.

Q3 2022

Funding Revivals of Forgotten Space Programs: We will be actively seeking out abandoned space programs to be revived and funded throughout the course of our project timelines.

Rocket Boost Reflections Event (Stage 3): Hold on to your rockets... the reflections just got that much better! Remaining team wallets reflections turned off.

DeFi Tool Improvements: We will be looking to improve upon the tools that have been built.

Charitable Efforts: We are planning to establish a non-profit organization for charity in the aerospace industry, with goals to execute philanthropic missions across the globe.

P2E Gaming Release: Our team will release our first official RocketBUSD P2E gaming project & included will be our NFT marketplace / auction house for in-game items, equipment, and skins.

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